3D Modeling

Why use 3D models and digital twins?

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Visually Impressive.

Using the latest drone technology, we create stunning digital twins to view your asset remotely. With powerful software you can inspect and manage your assets to monitor conditions and plan maintenance.  

Data Interpretation.

No more sifting through 1,000's of images to locate a corroded bolt or damaged tile. With 3D Models you can easily navigate your asset and locate key issues. Not only can you view the model directly, you can also simply click on the point of interest and the most relevant high definition images will appear to view.


Data can be reviewed at a fraction of the time with a high degree of accuracy. Using powerful cameras we can capture and model your asset quickly, reducing time on site for all involved parties and maximising turnaround timescales.

Downstream Usability & Collaboration.

Once your asset has been modeled it is then hosted on a cloud platform. This means it can be accessed and used by multiple downstream users such as, surveyors, project managers, contractors and clients. Anyone with the correct permissions can access and work together on a project.


How do you know you are getting the best?

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Vantage Point Imaging holds an Operational Authorization issued by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). We continually enroll our pilots on training to ensure we are up to speed with the latest regulations and laws. Additionally we regularly carry out CPD training in the latest technology's and software to ensure the highest quality of deliverables to our clients.

Flight Planning.

Before undertaking any 3D Modeling of your asset, we plan complex automated and manual flight plans. This is achieved by utilising the latest software to accurately create missions with pre determined heights, camera angles, flight speed and directions.

Capture Settings.

This is the most important phase to ensure high standards in data quality. Prior to take off the camera equipment on the drone must be set correctly. Images will be taken in JPEG format with aperture priority and manually selecting white balance. Ensuring the correct ISO and exposure weight, after this we are good to go. 

Data Quality.

The quality of data that is produced depends on the requirement and use of the model. Inspections that require a sub 2mm accuracy can be easily achieved however by using a 20 megapixel camera. By capturing the asset at a distance of around 6 meters from the building this will allow for a 0.8 to 2mm per pixel of accuracy.

How can we help?

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