Our Fleet.

We have a variety of drones in our fleet, each with
their own purpose and personality.

Drone Camera
DJI M300_edited_edited.png

Our Matrice fleet, these truly are the work horse when it comes to data capture.
Capable of carrying several payloads and advanced cameras the M210 RTK and M300 drones are the titans when it comes to 3D Modeling, Mapping, Infrared & Energy Solar PV.

With excellent stability in wind, and water resistant to some degree. The Matrice drones are able to fly in harsher environments for a longer duration. Thus allowing us to perform missions in more challenging locations.


At the smaller end we have the nimble and energetic Mini 2, a fantastic drone for built up areas
and to get up close and personal to identified issues. 

Next we have the Mavic series, these are the big brothers to the Mini 2, with a lot better stability and camera features these two are perfect for inspection work in close quarters to uninvolved assets.

DJI M300_edited_edited.png

Our Services.

Using the latest in Drone Technology, we specialise in a variety of fields.
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