About The Team


Magnús Hamilton

Managing Director

SUA Operator

I founded Vantage Point Imaging Ltd in 2020. Having had a passion for drones and noticing an opportunity to create a safer, less time consuming and cost effective way for businesses to gather data. I decided to turn my passion into a career and it took off!

Coming from a Commercial Sales background in the Motor Trade, creating a friendly and approachable environment for all clients is imperative. We strive to be completely transparent and go the extra mile to ensure we over deliver.

A real inspiration to Magnús and Vantage Point Imaging is his role model, mentor and father, Norman. In addition to his business acumen, Norman is also an experienced pilot, and his knowledge and advice is truly invaluable, ensuring that the sky is no limit with Vantage Point Imaging.

Always open for a chat or video call and love hearing about new ideas we could incorporate our services with your business. Vantage Point Imaging offers an incredibly versatile service, get in touch and we can work together to help your business and ideas soar!